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    Smartcard Reader Reiner SCT is not connectable under VMware 11.5 under MacIOS 10.15 Catalina

    DetlefSchmidt Novice

      I ran VMware 8.5.10 on an IMac with different IOS systems up to Mojave 10.14.6. After Upgrading to 10.15 Catalina it showed only a black screen!

      So I had to upgrade to VMware 11.5.

      Now the Smartcardreader is shown only as "Shared Reiner SCT" not as "Reiner SCT" as in the past and connection is not successful

      Only a generic smart cart reader is shown under Windows 10. Reinstalling the Reiner SCT driver sotware is possible and the driver shown, but it is not accessible. As hardware there is still the generic windows PCSC-ccid shown


      If I disconnect the reader physically and plug it in again and is not reconnecting although I have chosen under USB setup that the reader should always  be connected to the Virtual Machine. A support call under Teamviewer with Reiner-SCT support could not solve the problem.


      in the past plugging it in als the question popped up whether it should be connected to IOS or the virtual Machine.


      Is there a solution.


      By the way: Using the reiner SCT under Catalina directly is no problem! So its is a VMware problem!