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    VC_CHANGES status is red

    cowhowUTA Novice

      Two instances of vCenter in our environment.  One vCenter is functioning perfect, status is all green.  The second vCenter endpoint is all green except for VC_CHANGES.  Restarting the endpoint has no effect.  I can edit the endpoint by reentering the admin password and the endpoint will momentarily turn green.  But, only for a few seconds when it turns red again.  Will restarting the collector solve this?


      Thanks for helping!


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          sri_vmware Hot Shot
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          Hello Tony,


          Welcome to Skyline Communities!

          Please let us know when was the secondary vCenter added. Are we noticing any errors in collector.log (path : /var/log/skyline) like "java.lang.Exception: Could not get certificate from host due to error:"

          Also confirm if the DNS entry is correct for the Skyline appliance.

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            cowhowUTA Novice

            I'm in the process of checking logs.  The vCenters were added at the same time.  Neither one are new to the environment.  One factor that may impact this is that we recently upgraded both vCenters from 6.5 to 6.7 U3 and converged both PSCs.  I did reconfigure the endpoints for embedded PSCs and the management vCenter endpoint took off and never looked back.  The compute vCenter did not.


            Thanks, and I'll add log info in just a bit.



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              cowhowUTA Novice

              For the record, I was able to resolve this with a reboot of the collector.  Logs showed that the endpoint for the impacted vCenter was still looking for the external PSC which no longer exists.  I had restarted the endpoint numerous times.  Once the collector was restarted all was well. 


              Thanks for the replies. 



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                AjayChananaVMware Hot Shot
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                HI cowhowUTA,


                Thanks for your response, Since you have migrated to 6.7 and have PSC and vCenter Services on same server.


                Please disable "Use Custom SSO Configuration" in the skyline.


                Steps to follow:

                1. Login to Skyline UI https://skylineip
                2. Click on the configuration tab.
                3. Click edit next to the vCenter for which you are receiving an error "PSC no longer exists"
                4. Disable "Use Custom SSO Configuration"



                Refer below ScreenShot: