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    Recommendation of underlying datastore for writable volumes

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      Aloha, I'm new to app volumes and slowly getting up to speed using version 2.18.  What are you folks using for the datastore or is there a recommended type of datastore?


      Let me clarify my perspective.  My esxi hosts connect to 2 san units, both are iscsi.  All luns are created as 2TB vmfs 6.0 formatted.


      Any recommendations on the lun sizes or vmfs formats for the luns? Is NFS better than vmfs or vice versa?


      So it's also probably a good idea not to have any vm's on these volumes?


      In regards to SAN type, is All Flash overkill? What's a good performing san type? What would be the best performing san type?


      It's taking me a little extra time to wrap my head around this, because correct me if i'm wrong, the storage for AppVolumes are directly manipulated by AppVolume Manager directly accessing volumes on an esxi hosts.  Where before i started on this journey my preconceived notion of the underlying storage was through file servers.