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    Help! Extremely poor performance of Mozilla Firefox 60.9esr and 68.0esr made with ThinApp 5.2.6

    toca1337 Enthusiast

      We are experiencing extreme difficulty trying to visualize Mozilla Firefox 60.9esr and 68.0esr (both 32-bit verison) using ThinApp 5.2.6 build 14449759. The apps were build on a clean Windows 7 SP1 and were then tested on Windows 7, Windows 7 SP1, and Windows 10 pre-1809.


      The problem we are having is that, while the apps may run without overtly crashing (unlike with 5.2.2), the apps frequently become non-responsive when certain features in the apps are accessed. One particular problem is opening the "Saved Logins" window in "Privacy & Security" to see saved logins for websites. Whenever there are more than a dozen or so saved logins, the window takes minutes to open and the browser freezes in the meantime. Likewise, clicking on the "Show Passwords" button causes the browser to freeze for minutes before it unfreezes to display the saved passwords. In Firefox, the login credentials are stored in the files key4.db and logins.json in the sandbox. I presume that Thinapp is having trouble in quick-accessing these files from the sandbox.


      Anyone else experiencing this problem? Any fix?