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    Roaming specific APPDATA folders

    alexhselene Novice

      Hi all, recently we have been adding optimizations via UEM 9.6 to enhance our user experience. One such enhancement that has been requested is to roam application settings for a specific set of users. These users access a PDF viewer called NitroPro. In the application itself, there is an option to add a signature line and other customization settings. These settings are not being roamed from session to session because they are stored in %AppData%\Nitro--and we do not roam these settings by default.


      I would like to roam just this specific folder for just these specific users, but Folder Redirection does not seem to offer a solution. When selecting "Roaming AppData" it brings all or nothing. Now this does work, but we don't want to bring anything besides the specific folder. I know I can restrict the users this applies to via ConditionSet, so that isn't the problem.


      I tried a different method by creating a Config File under the Personalization tab for NitroPro, and then adding the following settings:





      But this also does not seem to work. Upon re-log the settings are lost, and I can see that there is no AppData directory in the profile store. Any help or suggestions as to how to get these settings roamed?