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    is passive mode categorized as local or remote mode?

    niceguy001 Enthusiast

      I discovered that after the passive mode test(not RDSH) is completed, the report with local latency data mode will be generated by default.

      if i use commands to generate remote report for this passive mode test, the content will be all blank.


      since the passive mode test required (fewer) client desktops to perform test, should the "passive mode" be classified as one of the remote mode and the test report's latency data mode be remote by default?



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          Atul_ Enthusiast
          VMware Employees

          Great question,


          View planner uses a technique called watermark to get latency data from client at remote mode, this does not work when more than one desktops are open for each client, hence the report generated is local mode report ( Latencies observed at desktops) for passive mode.

          Passive mode is still more accurate than Local mode as load generated by remote display protocols is considered while using fewer resources in comparison to remote mode.