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    Win10 1809 using more CPU than 1603

    CraigTompkins1 Novice

      I've got a Horizon environment with around 2600 concurrent desktops.  My current Golden image is Win10 1603 based on the VMware optimization tool.  Each desktop has 2 CPU and while we see lots of fluctuation on each VMs CPU use, the hosts themselves stay around 60% CPU from 8am-6pm daily.

      I created a new golden image with Win10 1809 and again used the VMware optimization tool and installed the same software.  There are some minor differences of course but I consider them to be pretty much the same.  However when I switch my instant clones to use this golden image (yes new pool) we see our host CPU at 80% from 8am-6pm daily.  So that's an average of 20% increase in CPU from Windows 10 1603 to 1809.


      At VMworld I mentioned this to one of the Horizon guys at the Experts Bar and he told me that VMware was seeing this too across all customers.  My managment would like to see something in writing however.  Is anyone else experiencing this?  Has anyone found a KB or anything that shows this as more of a known issue?