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    vRealize Operations Manager - Dashboards - Views - Filter by Null Property Value

    NellaSenoj Lurker

      Good day! I am trying to use vRealize Operations Manager for a report that checks vCenter Custom Attributes for missing values.


      Steps Taken:

      1. Created a new List View in Dashboards
      2. Selected Virtual Machine as Subject
      3. Selected Configuration Name for Data
      4. Selected (multiple) Custom Attributes for Data
      5. Created Virtual Machine "OR" Filters per Attribute
      6. >> Properties Summary|Custom Tag: is [Property Value]


      The property value requires an input and I have tried NULL, "", and anything else I could think of to represent a blank or missing value.



      If you know how I can select "blank", "empty", or "null" in the Property value field for a Dashboard View Data Filter please explain or link me to the resources that can?



      Thank you in advance!