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    Exclude Domains

    Th3BigNic0 Lurker

      HI everyone,


      i've tried to exclude subdomains in the Horizon View Admin and Client as mentioned in the following article:



      My problem is, that the subdomains won't disappear neither in the Horizon View Administrator nor the Horizon VIew Client.


      Any idea?



      Thanks for helping me out with this.

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          Amin Masoudifard Expert

          I don't think it's possible to remove Child-Domains if the parent is still added. I have removed all of my Tree-Domains from the list of domains that have been shown in the VMware Horizon View login pages, by running the VDMADMIN command, but if any domain is still included, all of its Sub-Domains will be listed.

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            Th3BigNic0 Lurker

            Well ... Everytime i tried to exclude a domain i have used the FQDN. Now i've tried the NETBIOS and it works ...also with subdomains.


            Thanks for your answer