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    Arrgh! VM disk won't resize beyond 2 TB.

    MattGoddard Enthusiast

      vSphere 5.5 U3b, Windows Server 2008 R2 VM (64-bit), running from an NFS volume on an EMC VNXe3150.


      I powered down the VM, resized the (non-OS) disk from 2 TB to 3 TB, powered on the VM and attempted to extend the disk. However, the extend option was grayed out in Disk Manager.


      I powered down the VM, booted into a GParted live CD and attempted to extend it that way, but got the following error: "...partition length of 6442448896 sectors exceeds the msdos-partition-table-imposed maximum of 4294967295". It's an NTFS disk in Windows, so I don't get what that "msdos-partition-table-imposed maximum" stuff is about. It should be able to extend way further than 3 TB.


      Checking this KB, I should be able to extend this - as far as I can tell, it meets all the requirements.


      Can anyone help me figure out the problem? There's an ever-growing customer folder on this disk and it's likely to fill up in a couple of days, which would be...bad!