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    Locked file  after moving VM Interrupted. How I can solve this problem

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      During a move of two virtual machine from a folder to a new folder in an vsphere environment,  the procedure has been interrupted for unknown reason for the first VM for the second VM the problem has been caused by filesystem full.


      On both cases we have some files moved to the new path and some file of VM on are still on the old path.


      In this status I have tried to perform a new move of the file from the old Path to the new but the environment told me the file is locked and is impossible to move it.


      Follows an example of the action that I have done



      2019-10-17 impossible move file 01.png


      2019-10-17 impossible move file 02.png


      The environment is very critical and I need to be sure to don't damaged the VMs.


      Can you help me to solve this problems