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    Horizon Bundle license law with vSAN iSCSI

    SebastianK8 Lurker

      Hi Community,


      I have a question about the Advanced Horizon Bundle License Law especially with vSAN.

      vSAN Advanced (for desktop) is included with Horizon Advanced Bundle, it would be technically possible to share the vSAN Datastore via iSCSI, would that be a license violation?

      A customer asked for some idea:


      - one 3 node vSAN cluster only for Horizon Destkops and Horizon components with Horizon Advanced Bunlde license

      - a second 2 node cluster separated for infrastructure (with Essentials Plus) with iSCSI volumes from vSAN for HA


      He would have to take vSphere Enterprise Plus, vCenter, vSAN and Horizon Advanced Addon licenses seperate if he takes all components on one vSAN Cluster and that would be much higher cost for licenses.

      I´m looking forward for your answers but hardly believe it´s license violation


      Best regards