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    vCenter 6.7 VM file is locked, unable to power on

    niceguy001 Enthusiast

      my vcenter server went down and i couldn't power it on. the error message showed on ESXi host is:

      "Failed to power on virtual machine VMware vCenter Server Appliance 6.7. An error occurred while opening configuration file”/vmfs/volumes/vsan:5276cd6e122187b6-4ce8dc94164e97fb/fcc4f35a-7a6d-bcf9-00b1-2c600cca3b7a/VMware vCenter Server Appliance 6.7.vmx”: Failed to lock the file. Click here for more details."

      as shown in figure below

      my vcenter server is version 6.7 and the esxi host that loads it is version 6.7 too.

      this vcenter is located on vsanDatastore and it seemed that the files are locked by one host.


      things i've tried:

      1. create a new virtual machine with the same hardware configuration and mount the existing disk, but the vmdk files cannot be open therefore this VM can't be powered on.

      2. i followed the instructions in this onehttps://kb.vmware.com/s/article/1008728 ,however, this didn't help much.

      3. force delete the .lck files for this vcenter in the ESXi via command; didn't work, because the lock file can't be removed.

      4. open the vmware.log of this vcenter VM and check messages, failed. the log can't be open due to "device or resource busy"


      can anyone provide some clues?