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    VMware SDDC components on Google cloud platform

    vgk99 Novice

      We are thinking to migrate following VMware SDDC components/VMs to Google Cloud Platform (GCP). We want to know if this is compatible approach to host VMware appliances/VMs in to the GCP.


      - vRealize Automation Center  Appliances 7.3.1

      - DEM workers

      - Model Manager Data/ WEB

      - vSphere Proxy agents

      - vRealize Manager server

      - The Iaas database server (SQL 2012)

      - vRealize Log Insight manager

      - vCloud usage meter

      - vRealize Operations Manager  6.6.1 & its remote collectors

      - vRealize Hyperic manager

      - VMware NSX Manager 6.3.7

      - Platform service controller

      - vRealize Orchestrator 7.3.1

      - Site Recovery manager 6.5


      If the answer to the compatibility question is 'Yes' then how do we approach this?

        If the answer is 'NO' then what are the high level reasons.