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    lost connectivity to the device eui.00xxxx

    iJohnny Lurker

      Hello, i have searching help for this problem in the forums & in the VMware Knowledge Base and i can't found information about it.

      Some days ago i have recived this message in my vCenter: "Lost connectivity to the device eui.00exxxxxxx backing the boot filesystem".

      I have 2 host & in the other host this message doesn't appear, although the device is shown in both hosts.


      Somebody knows how can i solve it?
      Thank you.

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          npadmani Master
          vExpertVMware Employees

          Log a case with HP (your Hardware Vendor), they will do required things.

          if you reboot your host in this state, it might not come up as the persistent device holding boot filesystem itself is facing some trouble.

          I have faced this several time with same make & model, in most cases, h/w vendor would replace the main board.