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    vCenter 6.7U3 Dynamic DNS issue with vCenter HA (VCHA) - duplicate DNS records creating connectivity issues

    Bill Oyler Enthusiast

      Now that vCenter 6.7U3 enables Dynamic DNS updates by default, it seems there is a bug that causes the vCenter HA (VCHA) IP address (on the 2nd NIC) to be registered to DNS as a second IP address for the vCenter server.  This causes connectivity issues because end-users trying to connect to the vCenter interface via FQDN end up with 2 IP addresses, one of which most likely is not going to work (i.e. the VCHA IP address on the 2nd NIC, which likely does not have a default gateway).  I was able to reproduce this bug in several different environments.  One work-around is to disable vCenter HA entirely.  This is not a very good work-around for customers that wish to have vCenter high availability.  Does anyone know any other work-arounds, such as disabling dynamic DNS on the VCHA NIC, or disabling Dynamic DNS globally on the vCenter server?  Also, does anyone from VMware know whether this bug will be fixed soon?

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