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    Adapter dashboards not showing data if logged in with vCenter users in vROPs

    vedaniks Lurker

      I have installed my management pack on vROPs 7.5.


      If I login to vROPs UI using local users (admin user from vROPs VM) I can see data on all the dashboards of my management pack.

      If I login to vROPs UI using administrator user from vCenter(administrator@vsphere.local with "My domain" or "All vCenter Servers" as authentication source) or any other vCenter user, I don't see any data on dashboards. I have checked the logs and can confirm that the management pack is collecting data but not able to see on dashboards.

      I had created a vCenter user with "vRealize Operations Power User Role" (administrator user from vCenter already had this permission) permission to see if it will make any difference but it didn't.


      I have referred this and this doc article.

      One thing I noticed is when I login into vROPs UI using administrator user from vCenter and went to Administration > Access > Access Control, I see "Access All objects" field for this user as false and I can not edit it even when I log in with admin user from vROPs VM.




      Is this a known issue?