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    What happens if I lose my API Key for my AppDefense Appliance?

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      In the past we always stressed the need to save the Manager URL, UUID and API key that was given to you when you provisioned a new appliance in AppDefense. This was because there was no way for us to get a new API key for that appliance and if it was lost a new appliance would have to be deployed.


      Now with a recent update we allow you to regenerate the API key for a given appliance in case your forgot to save it or lost the one you saved. This will save some time and headache of having to deploy a whole new appliance in case of needing to re register the appliance.


      Step 1: Navigate to the "Appliances" tab under settings and select the appliance you wish to regenerate the API key for.


      Step 2: Click on "ACTIONS" and then click on "Regenerate API Key".

      Annotation 2019-10-11 085834.png


      Step 3: A popup will appear with the information you need to copy to take to your AppDefense appliance to register it with the SaaS manager

      Annotation 2019-10-11 090035.jpg

      Step 4: Re-register the appliance using the newly generated API Key following these directions: Step 1C: Register AppDefense Appliance With vCenter Server 


      Hope this quick how to helps you in your day to day administration of AppDefense!


      Happy AppDefending!


      The AppDefense Architect Team.