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    On Demand vs  Classroom Training

    routing1000 Novice

      Hello All,


      I am new to vmware world and their products and once i finish their prerequisites training to attend NSX-T 2.4 ICM, i am planning to take vmware authorized training to learn NSX-T 2.4 ICM course.

      but not able to decide whether i should go for classroom or on demand??




      5 working days

      need to take leave from office

      no exam voucher

      but can ask many questions to Trainer live

      no classroom recording for future revision

      lab access only for 5 days


      whereas in On Demand



      30 days in length

      free VCP Exam voucher

      but cannot ask questions live but can query in community if required

      Lab access for 30 days

      not sure if on demand videos are easily understandable or not ?

      can revise videos if required