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    Splitting SSO domains

    ToddSmith100 Lurker

      We have 3 VC sites and need to upgrade from 6.0 U1 to 6.7. We want to minimise the time we are 'in transition' because the window for the upgrade at each site will span many months due to scale and other operational issues.


      We have two sites pointed to the first PSC and a third site pointed at a second PSC. The two PSCs are in linked mode an hence the same domain.


      From what we can determine, running the sites on different versions can be problematic especially if we have an issue whilst in transition.


      My plan would be to repoint the single site to another PSC in a different domain, thus allowing us to upgrade the other two sites independently of the third.


      Just looking to get some feedback on two things:


      1/ It is only possible to repoint a 6.0 U1  VC to another PSC domain by re installing the VC server and buidling a new PSC (and domain) to point it to?


      2/ What issue may I encounter reinstalling VC on the same VM using the same IP and FQDN?


      Thanks in advance for any assistance

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          ToddSmith100 Lurker

          Failed to mention that the VCs are all built on windows VMs and the PSCs and SQL DBs are separate windows VMs also.

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            msripada Expert

            When you install vcenter pointing to external PSC, it creates a machine account for that vcenter. This is only replicated to other PSCs which are in same SSO domain.


            If you install new PSC as new SSO domain, you cannot point vcenter to that as it does not know the vcenter object (machine account) so this is ruled out.


            You can reinstall the vcenter on same machine with same ip and fqdn however the database needs to be same as well thus you can retain inventory but vcenter uuid will change as it comes with installations.Question is why we are doing this and is it really required..


            You cannot repoint vcenter to another psc in different sites is limitation from vsphere 6.5 but you can converge in 6.7 (only available in VCSA) and no need to external psc so its embedded vcenter in different site but it does not really matter as there is no external psc



            Migrate to VCSA 6.7 and then converge should be helpful to move further