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    How to see organization Support Requests in Skyline

    snordeen Lurker

      We are relatively new to Skyline but we have an organization setup with two users currently.  When I log into Skyline Advisor I see nothing in Support Requests when another user has previously created one.  Are these tied to the user level and not the organization?  It would be beneficial to be able to see all Support Requests from the entire organization.  Is this possible in setups?

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          Hi Snordeen,


          Welcome to VMware communities!


          You absolutely right in your understanding that the support requests are NOT tied to Cloud services organization which you have created .Support requests opened by a specific user can only be viewed by the same user when logged into Skyline Advisor.


          We really appreciate you taking time to provide feedback .The feature which would give a super user access to all the support requests which are opened for an account is already in the road map for Skyline and will be implemented shortly.