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    VMware WS 15.5 - USB device not connecting to the running virtual machine

    JakeyyB Lurker



      I have recently been forced to upgrade from VMware workstation player 12 to the latest version (15.5) due to the latest windows 10 update.


      I have changed the setting so that USB devices should connect directly into the VM that is in the foreground, but this doesn't seem to work for my dongles.


      I often have 6 VM's running at the same time and connect a dongle to each one. This worked fine on version 12 but now it's a complete ball ache trying to connect them all manually through Removeable Devices > Connect.


      Is there any way for me to fix this or is it a bug? I don't get how it used to work fine 3 versions ago but not now.


      The most annoying thing is, when I connect the 2nd/3rd/4th etc. dongle they connect to the first VM I opened so I have to go in and manually disconnect it from there and then connect it to the one I want it connected to.