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    Vro vCloud 10 plugin getHostByToken

    frefal Enthusiast

      I am really interested in this new feature provided by the new plugin


      From the release notes:

      "The vRealize Orchestrator Plug-in for vCloud Director 10.0 uses the session of the logged-in user to fetch only the inventory that they are entitled to access. To use the feature, implement the getHostByToken action into the workflows that involve inventory object selection."


      So from my understanding, if you execute a vro workflow from VCD and you need to select a vcloud:vm object; Today you are as a vApp user basically able to browse the entire vcloud instance thru the object picker. With this new feature, the object browser/picker in VCD will now only display your own object. Hopefully I am correct.


      However, does anyone have an example of how to implement getHostByToken?

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          Raducanu Enthusiast

          This is also my understanding, but the release notes can't be correct.

          If you put the action into the workflow it is only executed when you execute the workflow and not starting the presentation.

          So putting the action to the workflow will not change the the presentation -> object picker.

          So from my understanding, the action must be place inside the presentation. But i also have no clue how to...