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    Disabled users and unassignment in Desktop Pool

    Ragnar B Novice

      We noticed after the summer that we had assigned users to a security group that is entitled to our desktop pools.


      But after the summer we've noticed that the users that are disabled in AD are still assigned to their available machines even though they're not "entitled".


      At first we thought it would be enough to simply delete these machines but after a while they had been automatically recreated. We then realized that the max number of machines was too high and we lowered that number by a significant amount to match our active users.


      Is there a way to unassign and delete these machines automatically when a user leaves the organization? At the moment we've been unassigning users and deleting these machines manually.

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          ashsevenuk80 Novice



          What version of Horizon are you running? are these floating or dedicated desktops

          make sure the users have been removed from the entitlements in the view console

          also make sure they are not members of to the administrators, you can also check this in the horizon console, on the left hand side, near the server tab.


          Also worth checking these users arent local users to the connection servers....

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            Ragnar B Novice

            hey ashsevenuk80. These were Automated ,dedicated linked clones.


            We're quickly transisting over to Instant Clones so we're hoping that the issue won't persist there.


            While we're migrating we're manually un-assigning and deleting the machines when they're entitlement has been removed.


            To answer your question we only entitle security groups to our desktop pools. So it was weird seeing a disabled user with no access rights what so ever being re-created contantly.


            Our solution was to gradually decrease the max number of machines and reduce the mininum ammount of machines allowed.

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              mchadwick19 Hot Shot

              This would probably be done using the View API. If there's a specific off-boarding process that you can add to, or if there is something that notifies you of disabled accounts that you can trigger off of, you could then take the user account and pipe that into an assignment query to check if they have a desktop assigned to them and unassign it and/or refresh the VM so it is new and ready for the next user. I could help provide some tips to query for this if you like.