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    HyperV migration to vCenter

    ashsevenuk80 Novice



      I'm trying to migrate VMs from HyperV to vCenter but i get stuck at the very beginning.

      I launch the standalone tool,

      select convert machine

      and from the drop select Hyper-V server


      Is it in the box "Specify server connection information"  that i add the Hyper-V server name and credentials?

      Username: "Administrator"? which is the local Admin for this 2012 server we have Hyper-V installed.


      I have installed the agent on both my local machine and the Windows 2012 server to which i have the Hyper-V running.

      I have logged to the server with the Administrator credentials, so i know its not the username password,

      i have tried to connect to the Hyper-V via the my laptop and the Server which has the Hyper-V service. but no success.

      Can someone help

      i don't think its a port issue, like i said i tried running the standalone tool from the machine that has the Hyper-V service enabled, so no ports would be blocking within Hyper-v machine...

      error i get is a network issue.

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          WaterLogged Lurker

          Are you trying to connect to the machine your migrating or the host machine? In that screen you have to specify the host machine where the VM is.

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            ashsevenuk80 Novice

            trying to connect to the Host Machine from my local machine (from my laptop) i have the converter running on my machine


            Just doing some reading and it seems VMware standalone converter doesnt support Hyper-V running on Server 2012.

            I'm told i need to convert the disk from VHDX to VHD first. Then migrate?

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              Amin Masoudifard Hot Shot

              convert the disk from VHDX to VHD first

              No need to do that.

              just set a credential, that username must be a member of the hyper-v administrators group on that server.

              Also, check the following points on the path of converting:

              1. Time of the client, Hyper-V server and ESXi must be the same

              2. Open the required ports (For example 902, 443 for ESXi)  VMware Knowledge Base

              3. Temporary stop the antivirus/firewall in the source machine (hyper-v) or check the required network ports before starting migration operation

              4. Check the required space on the ESXi datastore before starting migration operation

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                ashsevenuk80 Novice

                Hey Amin,


                Thank you for taking a look

                the account i'm using is an admin of the 2012 Hyper-V, tested the authentication of this account for something else, works fine.

                I have checked the times already, they are Sync

                all ports are open in between this subnet

                tried to disable the firewall on the Hyper-V

                its a new vCenter, that only has a couple of machines on there. not a capacity issue

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                  ashsevenuk80 Novice

                  Okay, I've got this working, tried two things, not sure which one worked, could be a combination

                  once you launch the Converter tool from the 2012 hyper-V

                  select Administration --> Connect to another server

                  I selected the "Connect to a local server"

                  in the IP Address or name: localhost

                  Username: my unique admin account, which is a member of domain admins. the Domain admins is a member of the Hyper-V administrator group.


                  the second thing i changed when attempting this for the 100th time

                  From the Hyper-V 2012 Machine, instead of using the Hyper-V FQDN, IP, i used "Localhost"


                  that was it, everything else ran smoothly


                  thank you for all your help.


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