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    Writable Volumes not allowing USB redirection

    HastingsCounty Lurker

      Seeing if anyone has a solution to this while I wait for support to finally respond.


      On Horizon 9.7, App Volumes 2.18, UEM, 9.8

      Have two pools, Windows 7 32-bit, and Windows 10 LTSC 64-bit.

      Writable Volumes enabled for UIA plus profile template.


      We had an issue last week, which I think is the result of this. Our Sophos appliance seemed to lock up, causing all our VDI connections to be refused from the thin clients. After shutting down the appliance, staff were able to login again and everything seemed fine. Couple days later I we start getting tickets about USB sticks not working. Certain users were not able to use USB devices. I'd login to the same thin client, and it would work.

      Tried removing the Sophos client from the golden image and keeping the appliance off and USB still did not work. After testing more, my profile became intermittent with USB devices too. If I logged in, USB would not work. If I disconnected the session without logging out, and then reconnect USB would be functional until next log off. Both pools were effected by this and it's random users.

      After deleting my writable volume and allowing it to be re-created I have had no issues. Any user I move from Windows 7 to Windows 10, creating a new writable volume is having no issue. Looking for a fix without having to delete their writable volume.