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    rvtools csv export - format / issue

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      I'm using rvtools to export data to a csv file.  The problem is that some of the annotation fields (and other comment fields) are free form and causing issues with a csv import with any tools - ie:  comments with single quotes, double quotes, commas, etc.  The other rvtools export option is to use excel, however I am storing the files in Azure DataLake and bringing them in via polybase to a Azure db which supports csv files and not excel.


      I could not find a way to specify a format for the csv file, for example escape characters, always double quotes, etc.  Can you guys recommend what you do or a good solution?  Thanks.

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          I'm not aware of any output transformation functionality in RVTools itself.

          But you could replace the annoying characters in the Notes field after the export with a short PowerShell script.

          Have for example a look at Re: Export and Import VM Multi line notes


          In your case you could do the following to remove the newlines (and replace them by a blank).


          Import-Csv -Path rvtools.csv -UseCulture |

          ForEach-Object -Process {

              $_.Name = $_.Notes.Replace("`n",' ')


          } | Export-Csv -Path new-rvtools.csv -NoTypeInformation -UseCulture


          Other changes can be done with a series of calls to the Replace method