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    Settings Windows to Use the 24 Hour Clock Format

    epa80 Enthusiast

      Is anyone able to do with with UEM/DEM? We're utilizing UEM 9.8 today, and I kind of assumed it would be a simple ADMX policy, but, either no such luck or I'm missing it as an option. All of our VDI sessions that I'm trying to hit are Kiosk devices used by Medical staff, and they prefer military/24 hour time as the default.


      I found this thread on Microsoft's forums, which is the closest I've gotten so far. Just wanted to see if anyone could point it out to me in UEM before I went all the way down this path.


      setting time format to 24hr through GP


      Thanks in advance.

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          Hi epa80,


          The Short time and Long time formats seem to be kept in HKCU\Control Panel\International as sShortTime and sTimeFormat, respectively. I did a quick test with manually tweaking those values, logging off, and logging on again, and the clock in the system notification used the time format I had configured.


          The built-in Regional settings Windows Common Setting captures everything under that key, so you could create a personalization config file based on that setting, log on with a test user, configure the time format (and possibly some other regional settings) to your users' liking, log off, and import the resulting profile archive as a (default) predefined setting, either directly, or after a small edit to remove irrelevant settings.

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            Lieven Enthusiast

            I add the attached registry settings (in DEM section "User Environment" - "Registry Settings") to configure all region specific settings (date, time, language, currency, ...).

            This works perfectly for me.