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    VMWare 15.5.0 refuses to actuate my virtual machine

    bgrum Lurker

      Until yesterday, I had a licensed version of VMWare 10 Workstation functioning perfectly.  This morning, Microsoft Update forced an installation of a "cumulative update" 2019-09 which SABOTAGED by functional VMWare 10 and refused to allow it to run at all.  Instead, they demanded that I go to the MIcrosoft Store to download the free version of VMWare 15.5.0.  When I try to bring up my long perfectly functioning virtual machine (for Windows 98), the 15.5.0 ABORTS with an error message "The SHELL32.DLL file is linked to missing export SHLWAPI.DLL tFileAttributesA".  While I would really prefer to get my VMWare 10 Workstation back in operation despite the judicially noticed "convicted criminal predatory monopolist" demand that it never run again, perhaps there is some way to get the free version of VMWare 15.5.0 to actually work?!?

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          bgrum Lurker

          Particularly odd about the "missing" SHLWAPI.DLL is that the search replacement software "Everything" comes up with four such files in windows\servicing, one in Windows/system32, one in windows/syswow64 two in windows\WinSxS\wow64_microsoft-windows-schlwapi, a schlwapi.dll.mu in each of windows\system32\en-US and windows\WinSxS\amd64_microsoft-windows-shlwapiresources .  It is enormously puzzling to me how VMWare 15.5.0 could even conceivably failed to find at least one of those numerous samples of the file it claims to be missing.

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            bgrum Lurker

            Special thanks to the VMWare lady who talked me through the problem of getting registered at all to inquire here about my problem getting VMWare 15.5.0 to work at all.  Ultimate thanks to a friend of mine in the computer industry who understands these things and actually knew the answer that I needed.  This was the answer to my problems getting my Win98 virrtual machine to work in VMWare v15.5.0:


            It took a couple of different approaches to get into the VMWare v15.5.0 at all, let alone into "safe" mode and it wasn't *in* "safe" mode that I was able to get at the controls that [my friend] indicated were essential.  But once I got sort of into my Win98 virtual machine, I went to Settings/ Control Panel/ System/ File System/ Troubleshooting/ and ticked the Disable all 32-bit protected mode disk drives.  Whereupon I was able to resize the screen display to its proper configuration and get VMWare v15.5.0 to come up properly and normally with my intended Win98 virtual machine.  YIPPEE!