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    Import NSX-T 2.5 API Collection into Postman doesn't work

    vPackets Lurker

      Hi Guys.


      With VMware 2.4 we were able to import the API collection into postman but it looks like it doesn't work "out of the box" with NSX-T 2.5

      When we import the yaml file from the NSX-T manager into Postman, it complains that there is a problem importing Swagger.


      "Error while importing Swagger 2.0: Could not import"


      Rutger suggested to fix the YAML file using his custom script and import it back into postman but I am still running into issues.


      nsx-t/fix_oas.py at master · rutgerblom/nsx-t · GitHub


      Can you guys have a look and let us know ?


      Looking forward to getting this resolved as this will help a lot of people automating their deployment/operations/day to day job .