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    Instant Clone pool stuck at Publishing

    VSprague Enthusiast

      I have an Instant Clone pool in Horizon View 7.10. When I published the image I set it to publish immediately and force logoff of any users even though no one is currently logged into it. I waited 30 minutes and after not seeing any change I disabled and re-enabled provisioning. Then after an hour the status still said "Publishing" and nothing had happened. I manually deleted the VM's in the pool but they are recreated with the old image and still have the new image listed under pending. I also restarted the connection server to no effect. I've also logged into the pool and logged back out and the machine I logged into was deleted and recreated with the old image. The system also won't let me push a different image. At this point besides deleting the entire pool I don't know what else to do. The VM is running Windows 7, if that matters at all.