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    VROPS 7.5 dashboard autoswitch

    Ludicrous09 Novice

      I am trying to get my dashboards to auto switch between three dashboards.  I have preformed the steps in the documentation.


      How You Configure an Automatic Dashboard Switch

      1 Double-click a dashboard from the list to configure.

      2 From the Auto Transition drop-down menus, select On.

      3 Select the switch time interval in seconds.

      4 Select the dashboard to switch to and click Update.

      5 Click Save to save your changes.

      On the home page, the current dashboard will switch to the dashboard that is defined after the specified time interval.


      The autoswitch never happens, and for some reason it only saves my setting sometimes that I changed for the autoswitch.


      Is anyone else able to get this to work with this version of VROPS?

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          RickVerstegen Expert

          Did you configure the dashboards in such a way that they will make a circle? For Example:

          VM Configuration to Datastore utilization,

          Datastore utilization to Host Configuration,

          Host Configuration to VM Configuration.


          After the configuration you need to go to Dashboards. Select VM Configuration (as in above example the first dashboard)


          The dashboards will now switch between each other based on the configured interval (sec).

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            Ludicrous09 Novice

            I did configure it to create a circle. I can get it to work some times if after i configure it i go to one of the dashboards in the circle it will start auto switching.  Yet when i go back in to add additional dashboards to the circle, most of the ones that were set before go back to being off, and other times it doesn't save my changes at all.    Seems flaky at best.