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    IP Communication- Distributed Switch

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      I have setup an inhouse lab. Common server for Network and Compute node. Setup two clients as VMs inside the same node. Microsegmentation working perfectly fine and load balancing aswell.
      But when i migration VM from Logical switch to Distributed switch after created NSX step by step, even having in the same subnet when my physical/machine laptop fails to communicate through IP/Ping to the particular VM attached to Distributed Switch. Then when i remigrated that VM to the logical Switch it communicates with my physical laptop/machine


      I am sure  its a very silly mistake iam doing. Just need help here

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          First of all is this NSX-V or NSX-T?


          Give us a little more information, like port groups, VLANs, topology and others so we can better help.


          The problem just seems to be that you cannot connect a VM to the same network as your laptop, right? This should only require connecting the VM to a port group on the same VLAN as your laptop.