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    Usable ram is less than allocated for the Virtual Machine

    EugenX Lurker



      I have 2 physical servers running in a cluster environment. Yesterday I've upgraded RAM memory, allocating additional 64GB for each server. After upgrade I've increased RAM for one virtual machine on server 1 and did the same thing on another virtual machine on server 2. On server 1, the virtual machine running Windows Server 2012 using all RAM (45GB), but on server 2 the virtual machine is showing all allocated RAM (45GB) but is usable is only 29GB. Why does this happen, what I'm doing wrong?


      1. Both virtual machines host a Windows Server 2012 standard edition (same template).

      2. Windows is activated on both machines

      3. Vmware license: VMware vSphere 6 Essentials Plus Kit for 3 hosts License with 3 Years Support & Subscription


      Any help will be more than appreciated, thank you.