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    2-Node Cluster Networking Setup WITHOUT direct connect

    MarcusJubin Lurker

      New to vSAN and want to play with it in my homelab. I am going to get two new hosts and start from scratch to make a two-node cluster. I understand how to install ESXi, setup management network, add them to vSphere (which will be located on my 1 existing ESXi host (will not be part of cluster) and make sure I have the right disks in the two new hosts.

      I did the hands on lab from VMware and am familiar with the vSan wizard and how to actually enable it and that stuff but the hands on lab of course has networking and virtual switches and stuff staged already and of course the hands on lab doesn't involve actually physically connecting machines, etc.. so this is what I need help on understanding before I connect and configure everything.

      Can someone point me in the right direction of what I need to think about and plan networking wise and what I need to setup physically and on each new host to get up to the point of when I start the vSAN wizard in vSphere?