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    Error in verifying custom machine certificate vcenter 6.5

    jaylee133 Lurker

      New to Vcenter...
      Trying to renew expired machine certificate for vcenter 6.5 via PuTTy , but came across issue verifying generated certificate(csr file).

      I've generated certificate signing request and keys for macchine SSL certificate via SSH, retrieve the VMCA issued csr (using WinSCP) to local Enterprise CA server to sign and copy back to the Vcenter server.
      when try to import the custom certificate and key to replace existing machine ssl certificate , received "Error in verifying certificate: m-ca.cer.


      checked the log /var/log/vmware/vmcad/certificate-manager.log but did not tell exactly what's the issue..

      2019-10-01T05:21:32.629Z INFO certificate-manager Command executed successfully

      2019-10-01T05:21:32.629Z INFO certificate-manager Certificate backup created successfully

      2019-10-01T05:21:32.634Z INFO certificate-manager Running command :- ['/usr/lib/vmware-openSSL/openssl', 'verify', '-CAfile', 'root-ca.cer', 'm-ca.cer']

      2019-10-01T05:21:32.639Z INFO certificate-manager Command output :-


      2019-10-01T05:21:32.639Z ERROR certificate-manager

      2019-10-01T05:21:32.639Z ERROR certificate-manager Error in verifying certificate: m-ca.cer


      PS* Checked certificate-manager.log file and have no clue on the error message:

      2019-10-02T08:49:24.922Z ERROR certificate-manager

      2019-10-02T08:49:24.922Z ERROR certificate-manager Error in verifying certificate: /root/new.cer



      Googled and didnt find the solution..

      Does anyone have any suggestion or solution to this?

      Thanks !