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    Zero Client machines via Teradici some users can't get a VDI but if they go to a different machine it is fine.

    mbze430 Novice

      I am having an issue that seems quite random.  I have capture an hour long log from the Horizon View Composer server that is about 1.6GB big.  I will try to describe the issue the best that I can.




      I have group of people on a Microsoft AD.  We have several zero clients (HPs) running off Teradici PCoIP (firmware 5.4.1).  Several users trying to login to a VDI desktop will simply get disconnect trying to get to the VDI interface after passing the credential login screen (Imprivata).  HOWEVER, those same set of people that are having issue logging into VDI from a particular machine can move to another zero client in the same room and it will login to VDI just fine.  What make it even more random/strange is that a different person from a complete different set of people can login to the problematic machine and get a VDI without any problem whatsoever.


      For an hour I have turned the logging level to Full on the View Composer (v7.4.0) and see if I can capture some errors.  However the log files isn't something I am familiar with nor does it indicate "Error" tags.


      Any help or suggestion of the best way to isolate the issue would be greatly appreciated.