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    VmWare Player 14 problems on Ryzen system

    briareos_kerensky Lurker

      I've recently got a new PC with a Ryzen 3900X, RTX 2080, and Gigabyte Xtreme as motherboard. CPU virtualization is enabled in the BIOS.


      While setting up the system I installed the latest version of VmWare Player available, 14.1.7. I'm using two VMs, Windows 7 x64 and Windows XP and both have the same problem.

      Upon starting the VM, it hangs on a black screen before showing the VmWare logo. VmWare Player is responsive but the machine itself is busy, I cannot restart, suspend, or do anything with it. If I try to close VmWare the program either pops up a box saying "the VM is busy" or just does nothing, and I have to kill the process from task manager. Unless I restart the system, the VM remains locked even through explorer.


      I've tried to uninstall VmWar Player and install an older version, 14.1.4, but the behaviour remains. I also have a notebook with an Intel CPU and the same VM works as it should.


      Is there any incompatibility with Player 14 and Ryzen CPUs? Or is it something else? I can't quite figure out what could be, both notebook and desktop are running a fully upgraded Win10 and the same antivirus/firewall (Bitdefender). On my previous desktop system (again Intel CPU) this never happened.

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          briareos_kerensky Lurker

          Some more information.

          I deleted the VM from the desktop computer (first by removing it from VmWare's library and then physically deleting the files from the HDD), then copied the VM from the notebook.

          The results are the same: on the notebook the VM works fine, on the desktop once I press "play", VmWare brings up a black window that stays black and marks the VM as busy, not allowing any action with it.

          I turned off the desktop, and physically deleted the VM from the disk through VmWare. VmWare removed the VM from the library but the files are still on the harddrive, and if I try to delete it through Windows' shell, I get that files are in use by a program.

          So I guess VmWare isn't able to correctly lock/unlock files? I'm running it in an admin account, and this never happened.

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            briareos_kerensky Lurker

            I'm going to answer my own question: no, it's not due to a different CPU but me putting some applications to full screen in the VM. I did just that on the notebook and magiclly the VM no longer boots. So another problem completely.