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    Huge lag in virtual sessions?

    LasicM Lurker

      Ever since i upgraded my system (and i upgraded it specifically to work on more wmware instances at once), i have unbearable lag inside the virtual station. When i was on very old i5 and win 7, i could run several instances without any lag. Only drawback was system would become overall laggy after it's been running for 10+ days.

      So i upgraded to i9-9900k, nvidia 2080 and 32gb RAM and win 10.

      Well, thing is, as soon as i open 1 virtual instance, the instance is unbearably laggy. By that i mean that even my mouse movement is slow. None of this is on the main system. As soon as i break out of the virtual instance it's fast again (so my main computer installation is unaffected by any of this). But everything inside the instance is ultra slow. Firefox loads up 4 minutes etc etc.


      My instances are usually 4gb ram win 7 installations with 2 processors and 40gb HDD. I don't run any games on them, or anything graphically heavy. It's mostly browser type activity.


      So far, what i have tried (but none of it fixed the issue).

      1. Changed processor counts from 2 to 1

      2. Removed 3d acceleration inside the instance

      3. changed RAM sizes all the way to 16gb

      4. clicked "virtualize intel VT....

      5. Clicked "virtualize cpu performance.."

      6. Clicked both of those (i have no idea what they do but heck i tried).

      7. Reinstalled wmvare tools.


      Things i've noticed:

      1. Sometimes virtual instance fine and fast after a restart. So i would open it for the 1st time, it would be laggy, i'd restart it by doing a restart in the instance, it would come up fast. it stays this way some time after, mostly untill i fire up a game or video

      2. Noticed firing up a game or video makes it laggy. Main installation doesn't display any of the lag.


      Does anyone know what could be causing this? Maybe link me to some fullproof step by step installation of one wmvare instance all the way from picking an OS, to installing and setting EVERYTHING up in the instance and once the OS is loaded? maybe im not doing something correct while im installing these instances, although not sure what as everything worked normally on previous system that was 10 times worse then this one.