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    Network Driver for DOS 6.22 Guest in Player 3.1.5 build-491717 on XP Host

    johnnyBob Novice

      I'm using Windows XP Professional 5.1.2600, Service Pack 3, as HOST.

      Shouldn't matter really.

      What might matter is I started to build this vm on a different computer. Player 4.x something. I don't have that computer any longer.

      When player noticed this.. and asked me about being from somewhere else...  i said I copied it. Soooo.... also there is this history...

      I had to change one of these 2 in the .vmx file. I don't remember which one it was, but I just lowered one of them by 1.

      config.version = "8"

      virtualHW.version = "7"


      I have my DOS vm mostly working. But the DOS network drivers are what is killing me at this point.

      I have tried to tell MSClient setup, that I have a AMDPCNET card, but MSClient setup refuses to see the driver as a driver.

      So after much searching and reading articles that had little to do with my problem...I am exasperated. It might help if the forum/KB had a

      good search. I keep getting results that have nothing to do with my search terms.


      So before I get a lecture about using the latest player or workstation... I have been using this player for years. It is in all my backups.

      I can't just hop up to the latest greatest work.


      So what I did today was to verify on a pure DOS 6.22 machine that the AMDPCNET drivers were not going to work in this MSClient software.

      So then I decided to try and tell MSClient that I had an Intel E1000 network card. In MSClient setup, it had drivers for Intel EtherExpress 16,

      which I chose. It failed to detect the Intel card. The driver on loading, said the hardware was not there! (see attachment)


      All I can hope for is someone can look over my .vmx file... or maybe get some info on a driver this machine can load.

      I can ping the vm's network interface, from the host.