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    admin account locked all time

    Apostolisep3 Novice


      we have a strange problem with the skyline interface.

      after the initial installation and configuration when i try to login at the 1st time with username admin and the password i provided during the installation i receive invalid credentials and then when i try 2nd time i receive the error the account is locked for 10mins.

      Anyone facing the same issue?



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          Hi Apostolisep3,


          Welcome to Skyline Communities!


          By default root login is disabled via ssh. You can only logged in via console first and then enable SSH login.


          Since your account is locked you would require to reset and unlock account.


          To reset the root password:

          1. From the Console screen of the appliance when you see the PhotonOS splash screen press "e".

          2. At the end of the PhotonOS boot command add "rw init=/bin/bash"

          3. Press F10 to access to the command prompt

          4. Type "passwd" to set the root password

          5. Type "reboot -f" to reboot the appliance


          To unlock root account run below command:

          pam_tally2 -u root -r


          To enable SSH access, perform the following steps:

          1. Open the Skyline Collector console via the vSphere Client/Web Client

          2. Login as root and the root password defined during deployment

          3. Run 'vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config'

          4. Enter 'i' to modify the file in VI editor

          5. Locate the line that contains 'PermitRootLogin' and change it to 'PermitRootLogin yes'

          6. Save the changes by hitting ESC + typing ':wq!'

          7. Restart the sshd service by running 'service sshd restart'



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