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    Tracking vmotions externally

    thale13 Novice

      So, I need to track where some of my vms move around to for Oracle compliance.  I was scraping syslog with Splunk or plain old syslog, but that broke with the 6.7u3 update so I'm trying to find a better way to do it.  I was thinking about creating a custom alarm that sends an e-mail or runs a script but I am not sure the best way to do that, so I have questions:


      1) For the 'run a script' option, where does it run and with what arguments?


      2) What target type (Datacenter I think) and condition would best catch all vmotions?


      I realize this is probably an odd request, so if anyone has any insight into other ways to track it, I'm all ears.



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          thale13 Novice

          Ok, so its a Virtual Machine alarm, not a Datacenter one.  I was looking at the wrong part when I read that.


          I'm thinking it would be one of these:

          - DRS VM Migrated

          - VM in Emigrating

          - VM is Hot Migrating

          - VM migrating

          - VM relocating


          but I don't know which one would catch all migrations (manual and DRS).  I don't really want to create multiple alarms but I will if I have to.