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    vCloud Director 10 appliance networking

    CSIEnvironments Enthusiast

      I am in the process of deploying the vCloud Director 10 appliance in a Lab to document the upgrade process and I have noticed that after the deployment the appliance interfaces are not both externally contactable by default.

      I have configured both interfaces with unique IP's on the same network segment.

      I have not configured any custom routes on the interfaces during the OVF deploy.

      It looks like eth1 is typically the only interface that I can connect to remotely.

      The appliance ends up with 2 default routes with the same gateway, 1 for each of the interfaces as well as 2 of the same network routes with the same gateway, 1 for each interface.

      Should I be having to do post deployment customization to get this working?

      The only way I can restore connectivity on both interfaces is to change the rp_filter value from 1 to 2 in the config files but I am not sure if this is the best way to resolve this?