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    Horizon HTML  Landing Page - All White

    epa80 Enthusiast

      We recently upgraded to Horizon 7.8 and are trying to implement HTML access for the first time. We're an F5 shop for load balancing, and seem to be running into a problem when going through the load balanced address. In a nutshell:


      We have two 3.6 UAGs in our DMZ. They are under a load balancer. The UAGs are each pointed at a secure network load ba;ancer address that has our connection servers behind it. In terms of brokering with the Horizon client, we have no issues. Works fine. However, when we point our browsers (tried Chrome and Firefox) at the UAG load balancer, we get to this page fine:



      However, as soon as we click "VMware Horizon HTML Access", we progress to a page that is all white. That's it. No error, nothing, just a blank white web page. If I point my browser directly at each UAG, I get the same behavior. If I bypass the UAG, point directly at the brokers, I get expected behavior: I can login and get a VM.


      The UAG radio button for allowing HTML access is indeed set. We also modified the Locked.Properties file a bunch of different ways using these 2 KBs, but, without luck. We're a bit stuck for now. Hoping someone has seen something similar.


      Allow HTML Access Through a Load Balancer

      Allow HTML Access Through a Gateway

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