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    Uem 9.6 occasionally profile does not load

    jimbobt11 Novice

      Hello we are transitioning from Windows 7 to windows 10.


      Win 7 has persona management on view 5 with the flex engine disabled and the settings to migrate the users appdata at logoff.



      Thise Has been working well for the 800+ profiles we have on the spanking new 2016 file server cluster which has ssd rdms.


      We have about 100 windows 10 users using view 7 / appvols / uem but occasionally when a user logs in it takes a very long time and they get no profile what so ever once the win10 shell appears.


      The flex engine GPO has set to log at debug level for testing. Just wondering if this might have a negative effect on the file server or should be turned off? The logs roll after 512kb.


      What's the best way to troubleshoot this? It's very hard to simulate the fault and although I've been using win10 / uem for around a year I've never encountered this. But I've witnessed it as it happened to a user whilst I was desk side.

      Thanks in advance.