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    vRA 7.5 HF8 install failure

    JDeb Lurker

      Has anyone successfully applied vRA 7.5 HF8?


      This is the error I'm running into when attempting to apply HF8:



      Patch f9f204f2-f298-463f-8104-69abdc90e438 FAILED;  Exception : {}java.lang.NullPointerException


      This is a new environment so I do not have any existing HF's applied.

      The Management Agents on my iaas servers do successfully install and are at The New Patch status updates to : Failed. Installation failure.

      All pre-reqs confirmed.

      Following the Troubleshooting section, both these items were updated without manual intervention:

      • Management agents upgraded to successfully and are running.
      • Update "isApplied"  to 'true'  in /usr/lib/vcac/patches/repo/contents/vRA-patch/self-patch.json


      Attempting another attempt after confirming troubleshooting section steps result in the same failure.


      I have already opened an SR with GSS. I was just hoping someone might have some insight.



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          qc4vmware Master

          Make sure you check the checksum of the downloaded file... I dunno why but I seem to have the most difficult time getting these hotfixes to download correctly.  I had to download HF8 4 times before I got one where the checksum was correct.  Prior to checking this I had all sorts of strange errors going on.

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            JDeb Lurker

            Thanks for the suggestion. I actually did review the checksum on my two downloads. The first one I used did have an incorrect checksum.  The second one was  correct.  What's interesting is both  failed at the same point. It allowed the upgrade of the management agents but then failed at the same point. 

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              JDeb Lurker

              Finally got this to update successfully.

              I did have to step through the troubleshooting steps of manually installing the management agent and set "IsApplied" to True as documented in the KB article. 
              The one thing that probably made the difference was - even though the previous download checksum matched, I downloaded the update again - which is when it worked.

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                ymichalak Enthusiast

                Same problem here.............

                - Checksum ok.


                Prerequisites done :

                • Ensure at least 1024 MB free on 'C:\' for each IaaS node.
                • etc/host : FQDN_HOSTNAME_OF_NODE localhost
                • HDD Space > 16GB on the appliance.
                • /opt/vmware/share/htdocs/service/hotfix/scripts/hotfix.sh enable
                • sed -i 's/false/true/g' /usr/lib/vcac/patches/repo/contents/vRA-patch/self-patch.json

                We have only one error in the : /var/log/vmware/vcac/vcac-config.log



                Any help is appreciated

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                  daphnissov Guru
                  vExpertCommunity Warriors

                  Folks, for hot fix installation issues you really need to open support requests with VMware as these procedures are not documented elsewhere.

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