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    vSphere Replication Appliance + Powershell  deploy VM VRA

    Chango85 Lurker

      Hello everybody
      I am currently trying to set up a Powershell script that will automate the uploading of my VRA (vSphere Replication Appliance)
      and this also configured.
      Unfortunately, this is not as easy as I had hoped.



      Connect-VIServer "$VCSAIP" -User "Administrator@$DNSSUF" -Password "$pwvcsa"

      $ovfpath = "C:\Users\....\Desktop\vra\OVF\vSphere_Replication_OVF10.ovf"



      $ovfconf = Get-OvfConfiguration -Ovf $ovfpath

      $ovfconf.NetworkMapping.Management_Network.Value = "Managet"

      $ovfconf.IpAssignment.IpProtocol.value = "IPv4"

      $ovfconf.vami.vSphere_Replication_Appliance.ip0.Value = "$vraIP"

      $ovfconf.vami.vSphere_Replication_Appliance.gateway.Value = "$vraGW"

      $ovfconf.vami.vSphere_Replication_Appliance.netmask0.Value = "$vraSN"

      $ovfconf.vami.vSphere_Replication_Appliance.domain.Value = "$DNSSUF"

      $ovfconf.vami.vSphere_Replication_Appliance.searchpath.Value = "$vraDM"

      $ovfconf.vami.vSphere_Replication_Appliance.DNS.Value = "$DNS1IP"

      $ovfconf.Common.vami.hostname.Value = "$vrahn"

      $ovfconf.Common.password.Value = "p4ssword!"

      $ovfconf.Common.ntpserver.Value = "$NTP1"


      Import-VApp -Source $ovfPath -Name $vrahn -VMHost $ESX2IP -OvfConfiguration $ovfconf -DiskStorageFormat thin

      Start-VM $vrahn



      Start-VM The operation for the entity "vra" failed with the following message: "The virtual machine 'vra' has a required vService dependency 'vCenter

      Extension Installation' which is not bound to a provider."



      Can someone help me with that ?