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    html5 client, vsan > services pane dysfunctional

    hwaltari Novice



      I've got a strange situation with vsan services -pane (cluster: configure > vsan > services). This is latest vcsa, version 6.7.0 Build: 14368073.

      The actual task that drove me here was to disable "Network diagnostics mode" under "performance services". The only functional workflow here is "advanced options", the pane loads and you can change settings. "Performance service" and "vsan iscsi target service" have frozen onto loading-status. The other two workflows will open the pane but it is stuck onto loading (circle rotating...). A reboot of the vcsa did not resolve the situation. It is not browser, user nor computer related as more than one were tested. Also all data was removed from the browser, with no help. It is more likely client related as the flash-client works well. Of course workflows differ and eg desired function to disable network diagnostics does not exist on the flash client. Now, how to remediate the problem? And, is there a cli command to disable "Network diagnostics mode"?


      Please find below a couple of screenshots which clarify the situation.



      Edit: moved question to vcenter appliance as it is more likely appropriate here.