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    VIO Production system requirments

    frasmd Lurker

      Author : Daniel Clow

      URL : http:////docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Integrated-OpenStack/5.1/com.vmware.openstack.install.doc/GUID-2667C954-10BD-430B-BE4D-4E326A887DF6.html

      Topic Name : Hardware Requirements for VMware Integrated OpenStack

      Publication Name : VMware Integrated OpenStack Installation and Configuration Guide

      Product/Version : VMware Integrated OpenStack/5.1

      Question :

      We are planning to buy license for VIO for our production deployment. But we are not able to find any specific production requirments for HA mode of deployment. Could you please help us with VMWare Integrated Openstack 6.0 production requirments as soon as possible?