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    Windows Licensing Super Metric

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      Im trying to create a view that lists total number of VMs pr host / Cluster or Datacenter. But I only want the sum to be servers that require Windows server licensing based on "Guest OS"

      I can't find a way to do this without a Super Metric, have anyone else done this or have any tips on how to create the metric?

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          sxnxr Master

          legacy format


          count(${adaptertype=VMWARE, objecttype=VirtualMachine, attribute=summary|guest|fullName, depth=2, where ="summary|guest|fullName startsWith Microsoft Windows"})


          Nice text format


          count({Virtual Machine: Summary|Guest Operating System|Guest OS Full Name, depth=2, where ="Summary|Guest Operating System|Guest OS Full Name startsWith Microsoft Windows"})


          Because the OS is a property of the VM and i am using the cluster object as what i want to report the count against i have to use a depth of 2. If you are using a different object you may need to change the depth to suite. Also you can refine the startsWith Microsoft Windows to something more specific.


          Last thing make sure you assign the MS to the object you want (in my case the cluster compute resource and then enable it in your policy)


          So you get for each cluster


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            Thank you for the info